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Bina Incubator

Reach new horizons for your business, by applying for Namaa Entrepreneurship Competition in its 3rd edition

3rd Edition


What's in it for you?

In addition to the practical training, the winners will receive a set of distinctive benefits that qualify them to launch strongly into the market, which will include:

Smart partnerships with Tekno Park that enable the winners to benefit from all Tekno Park's technical and logistical services and tax exemption for officially registered companies.

Learn how to benefit from programs to support startups worldwide with the steps to apply for them all.

10.000 TL awards for the first five winning projects to motivate contestants during the training session.
There are also additional Awards of 4,000 TL for 20 projects.

Training on leveraging Amazon AWS, Microsoft and other corporate programs to support startup development capabilities.

The ability to participate in B2B Bina meetings and attend all projects in front of specialized investors and international organizations.


3rd Edition

About Namaa 3


Nama 3 competition in its third session is an initiative that seeks to support 80 entrepreneurs and start-ups.
The competition is an incubation program targeting 80 Arabic projects in Turkey, divided into two main stages, extended over two and half months.

Phase 1: 
Practical training for 80 projects to enable them to present their projects to investors with confidence and strength.

Phase 2:
Choosing 60 projects to attend business training, developing business plans that enhancing experiences by joining an interactive entrepreneurial environment, and benefiting from the experiences of the best consultants and trainers in various fields of the market.

In its final stages, the competition aims to graduate 25  projects to take advantage of many benefits like:
seeding fund
international companies' services such as Amazon AWS
the partnership with Technopark Yildiz to take advantage of the tax reduction on developed companies
Investors meetings and smart partnerships.

Targeted participants

The competition intends to attract the owners of innovative and distinctive projects from diverse Arab communities in Turkey. The ones with businesses in services, technical, and commercial fields.

15 Oct

The due date for applications


Competition's timeline:

تاريخ افتتاح تقديم الطلبات--8.png

15 Sep

Opening of applications

انتهاء موعد قبول الطلبات--8.png

15 Sep

The due date for applications​

الإعلان عن 80 مترشح للدخول للتدريب الأولي--8.png

19 Oct

Announcing the 80 pilot projects to enter the initial training

22 Oct

The announcement of 60 projects who proceed toward the second phase

2 November

Selecting the top 60 projects by the juries to qualify for the second stage

17 January 2022

the Pilot camp for choosing the 25 winning projects to benefit from services and receiving the seeding fund

27 January 2022

The announcement

of the 25 winning projects

الاعلان عن 60 مشروع للجولة الثانية--8.png
بدء البرنامج التدريبي الخاص بـ 60 مشروع--8.png
المخيم الريادي لاختيار افضل 25 مشروع للاحتضان في مسابقات بناء المقبلة--8.png
الاعلان عن المشاريع الـ25 الفائزة-8.png
الاعلان عن 60 مشروع للجولة الثانية--8.png
موعد اختيار افضل 60 مشروع للجولة الثانية--8.png

11 November

80 projects training program

The admission

The admission

The competitors should commit the attendance of training in the entire stages of the competition.

Priority is for teams, though not to exceed 4 members.

Innovative and outstanding ideas, contributing to supporting of the pioneering community.

The applicant must hold official residency papers in Turkey.

The project should be in the field of technology, research or development.

What Namaa 3 will award me?

Taking advantage of Bina incubator offices.

Benefit from the expertise of leading advisors, business experts, and trainers and joining the entrepreneurial business environment.

Enable entrepreneurs to get in the market and receive contributions by building clear and integrated plans for their businesses.

Take the advantage of smart partnerships and Amazon AWS services as well as free hosting on the incubator servers for 6 months for the wining projects.

Seeding fund for the winning 25 projects worth 10,000 Turkish Lira for the first 5 projects and 4,000 Turkish liras for 20 projects


​Applications Deadline extended

Don't miss the opportunity,
join Namaa 3 competition and Boost your entrepreneurial project 


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